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You rent a bike and you collect points to take a voucher to go for free to a cocomat hotel

1. Choose your own amount 
2. Download voucher after payment
3. Give voucher with special gift wrapping



Frequently asked questions

A WoodenBike can easily be ordered online. Select the city where you want a WoodenBike and follow the steps. After placing your order, we make an appointment to deliver your bicycle. You can also pick up your bicycle in some cities. Upon receipt, we adjust the bicycle for you personally so that you can use it immediately

What happens if something of your bike breaks down? Then one of our people comes over to exchange your bicycle with a working one. As a result, you are always assured of a working bicycle and back on the road again in no time. Moreover, we can also carry out minor repairs directly on location.

In case your WoodenBike gets stolen, we will make sure you get a new bicycle quickly. Together we will fill out a theft report for the police. In addition, you pay €40,- deductible, provided that your bike was locked properly.

No, you do not need to have a bicycle of your own. For a fixed monthly fee we provide you with a sturdy WoodenBike. Then we ensure that your WoodenBike always works.

If there is something wrong with your bike, we come over to you to repair your bicycle or to swap it for a working one. This is done without extra costs for you.




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